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Key Sleep Apnoea statistics

Key Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Statistics

Many are unaware of both how common OSA is, and the impact it has on people's lives. If you are concerned you may have OSA, read "Should I take a Sleep Test?" now.

The prevalence of OSA:

• 25,000,000 snorers in the UK - 40% of the population1

• 5% of the UK adult population thought to have undiagnosed OSA2 - over 2.5 million people

• Over 75,000 NHS sleep studies conducted annually3

• Over 250,000 men have Severe OSA in the UK4

• 100,000,000 people believe to have OSA worldwide5

• Average of seven years between first symptoms and OSA diagnosis6

• 26% of commercial drivers have OSA7

The dangers of untreated OSA:

• Untreated OSA linked with heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and obesity4

• Studies suggest tiredness may be a factor in 20% of road accidents4

• Ability to work is reduced4

• Quality of life for the person and their family can be severely impaired4

Treatment following diagnosis:

• Can increase life expectancy by around 8 years8

• Reduces the risk of heart disease by 40%9

• Risk of stroke reduced by up to 75%10

• Can reduce blood pressure6

Concerned you have Sleep Apnoea?

Read "Should I take a Sleep Test?" now.



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