Firstly, please read: What everyone should know about OSA.

Depending on the size and type of your organisation, there WILL be a certain number of employees in your company who have OSA. The key questions are:

• WHO are they?
• Do they themselves know they have OSA?
• If they have undiagnosed OSA, how much is this effecting their sleep, their life and their work?
• What does this cost the company in terms of reduced productivity, mistakes made and time off sick?
• What are the consequences of leaving that OSA untreated?

Any employee who is suffering from untreated OSA is going to struggle to ‘be and do their best’, but on a more serious note, there is a genuine risk of injury or death particularly for those who work as:

Lorry Drivers
Taxi Drivers
Machinery Operators

‘Sleepy drivers’ for example are said to cause as many accidents as drunk drivers. Unfortunately news stories describing how a driver fell asleep at the wheel…with tragic consequences are fairly common.

One of the main reasons workers in the above categories do not seek a sleep study, is because either they do not know they need to, OR they are fearful that if they go via the NHS, their licence will be taken away upon a positive diagnosis costing them their livelihood. A real ‘catch 22’ and one that Intus can resolve.

Intus offer companies a discreet, efficient and fast sleep study service for their employees. This is a tailored service done on a company by company basis, but unlike the NHS, Intus is not a Government organisation who must report to the DVLA or anyone else. In our opinion, it is far more important to find out who has OSA, then provide treatment for that person and get them back to ‘normal’. Prompt treatment is far better than reporting.

Via the NHS:

GP Visit(s) ➞ Sleep Clinic Referral ➞ Sleep Study ➞ Result Analysis ➞ Treatment ➞Follow up

May be free or next to no cost

Not always well funded (equipment not always available to treat at the end of the process or you may not be offered ALL of the treatment options available).
Not always, but often lengthy delays from GP to Treatment. (NHS ‘Target’ 18 weeks)
Your result may be reported to the DVLA if you have a positive diagnosis.

Via Intus:

GP Visit(s) ➞ Sleep Clinic Referral ➞ Sleep Study ➞ Result Analysis ➞ Treatment ➞ Follow up

All treatment options available.
One of Europe’s largest product ranges.
Fast 7-14 day turnaround from study to treatment.
Confidential service.

Self pay

Now see: Which Sleep Study?.

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