Dentists / ENTs

Firstly, please read: What everyone should know about OSA.

Dentists and ENTs are playing an increasingly important role in recognising patients with OSA. For example, nearly all medical interviews and questionnaires ask about snoring, which is a key indicator in OSA sufferers.

Dentists can help suitable OSA patients with a wide variety of ‘Mandibular Repositioning Devices' (MRD). In fact, Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) and Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) are now becoming much more mainstream. Some Dental practices in the UK are focused on DSM following the trend set in the USA and other European countries. The British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine has a growing membership base and runs regular training on the subjects.

If this field interests you or indeed you are already involved in it, Intus can provide sleep studies to help you diagnose your patients in accordance with Dental Protection, “…patients should be referred to a specialist OSA service…”. There are many MRD’s available on the market and in the UK and Ireland Intus are Distributors for one of the only clinically validated MRD's in the world – the SomnoDent. We are continually building a network of Dentists certified to fit the SomnoDent device, please contact us for more information.

ENT's can carry out detailed nose and throat investigations to link a patient's physiology with their symptoms. If appropriate and after a sleep study has been carried out, ENT's in some cases, may also suggest surgery (an operation known as 'UPPP') . In fact, UPPP has been prescribed as a treatment for OSA for many years and with the increasing numbers of overweight patients and the DEGREE of their obesity, surgery interventions are also growing in number.

If you are an ENT looking for a quick turnaround sleep study service, rather than wait for the time frames of your local NHS service (which may be fast, but often is not), Intus can help. We can have you set up to use our sleep study referral service within a few days.