According to the 2010 survey results released in 2013 by the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association, the best guesstimation of the combined number of sleep studies conducted per annum by the NHS is approximately 86,000. This is measured against an NHS estimate of 5% of the UK adult population having undiagnosed OSA - over 2.5 million people, and growing year on year.

It is a slightly laboured topic, but the Government’s cutbacks in the NHS are far reaching and Sleep Clinics are likewise being asked to do more with less. How can they achieve this?

Outsourcing to Intus, an independent specialist company can lighten the load and save money by reducing hospital visits and providing a fast turnaround service.

Intus currently supply over 100 NHS Trusts and Clinics with sleep therapy equipment and are perfectly placed to assist your diagnostic needs.

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If your sleep service has extended waiting lists despite the clinic's best efforts, and is looking for an outsourced solution to bring more patients to treatment, please contact us.