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Have I Got OSA? Check Out The Provent Sleep Therapy Kit


Have I Got OSA? Check Out The Provent Sleep Therapy Kit

Are you concerned you have sleep apnoea? Have you been told you snore heavily? Do you wake up at night gasping for breath? Are you very sleepy during the daytime?

These are classic signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, a serious health problem that often goes undiagnosed. Symptoms of OSA include morning headaches, a dry mouth after awaking, irritability and poor concentration levels. 

This OSA condition can be managed with therapy — but it’s important to first get diagnosed. 

An In-home Sleep Test is a discreet, comfortable way to check for the disorder. This simple test is usually run over two consecutive nights and requires you to sleep with a clip on your finger. The clip is attached to a small machine which records your blood oxygen level and heart rate, which is then analysed by trained sleep specialists. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with OSA, your doctor will prescribe an appropriate treatment plan to relieve you of the symptoms, helping restore a good night’s sleep.

The Provent Sleep Therapy Starter Kit is an option for mild to moderate OSA. Many people have found it much more comfortable to use this therapy compared to the traditional CPAP therapy. 

Let’s look at both types of sleep apnoea therapy so you can see the difference — and make an educated decision.

Alternative Treatment for OSA

The Provent Sleep Therapy Starter Kit is a non-invasive treatment involving a nasal device worn while you sleep. 

Secured using a hypoallergenic adhesive, the nasal device is designed with a valve which opens to freely allow air in to the airways on inhalation. When exhaling, the valve closes and the air is re-directed through small holes. This helps increase and maintain pressure in the airways, keeping them free from blocking before the next inhalation.

The nasal device in this kit is discreet and can help you feel less self-conscious compared to CPAP treatments. Its small size makes it easy to transport when away from home. 

This device does not require electricity so it’s convenient when going on holiday or off-grid. You will receive your devices individually pouched and they are each disposed after single use. 

EPAP Therapy vs CPAP Therapy

The method used by the Provent sleep therapy starter kit is known as Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP). Let’s compare this method with the traditional CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy.

CPAP therapy involves a mask which is worn over the nose or mouth when sleeping. This is attached to a machine that supplies air pressure through the mask to the airways to prevent them from blocking. Most modern CPAP machines also come with a humidifier which helps to prevent issues such as a dry mouth and nose, sinus congestion and coughing due to a dry throat.

CPAP therapy provides positive pressure to the airways while you sleep, both when you inhale and exhale. However, some users find it difficult to adapt to the pressure of the air forced through the mask and may find themselves exhaling against the pressure of the air. 

The Provent nasal device uses your own breathing to control the air pressure. The device’s valve opens on inhalation and closes on exhalation, using your breathing to increase pressure to the airways on exhalation only. 

Some patients may find this easier to use compared to a CPAP machine. The starter kit includes nasal devices with reduced resistance which will help in adjusting to the therapy.

Commit to the Treatment

Perseverance with OSA treatment is critical to reduce symptoms which cause the sleep disorder. When OSA is undiagnosed – and untreated – there is risk of serious health conditions, including:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Liver damage
  • Depression
  • Pregnancy complications

Also, the constant fatigue from interrupted sleep can have dire consequences at home and work. 

  • Statistics indicate that OSA sufferers being three times higher risk of an occupational accident. 
  • You are at higher risk of falling asleep at the wheel due to poor concentration when operating machinery. 

By working with your sleep doctor, you can get the appropriate treatment. By keeping your airways clear of blockage you can have uninterrupted nights of sleep, reduced fatigue, improved concentration levels, increased alertness, less associated irritability and reduced snoring. 

The most important thing is to use your OSA therapy regularly, as you will only reduce the symptoms of sleep apnoea by applying it on a nightly basis. 

The nasal device in the Provent sleep therapy kit offers an alternative to CPAP therapy and they cannot be used together. If you are unable to use your CPAP therapy machine on a regular basis for whatever reason, then the Provent Sleep Therapy starter kit may be the right solution for you. Talk to your doctor for guidance and advice.

To order the Intus At-Home Sleep Test: https://www.sleeptest.co.uk/product/in-home-sleep-test/

To purchase the Provent Sleep Therapy Starter Kit:




About author: Helen Clarkson is a Sleep Specialist at Baywater Healthcare. Ms. Clarkson has worked with Baywater since 2008, working closely with patients in delivering sleep/bi-level services including sleep and respiratory, both in the home and clinic setting. This includes therapy initiation and troubleshooting support. Ms. Clarkson is responsible for delivering the Baywater Healthcare patient adherence management programme to ensure continuing patient therapy compliance. works in conjunction with NHS clinicians and procurement to deliver excellence in home and clinic-based services. She provides training on all aspects of sleep including devices and interfaces. Previously, Ms. Clarkson served as Respiratory Physiologist at Pontefract General Infirmary. Her position was Senior MTO for lung function/sleep department, and she was responsible for performing simple and complex sleep studies, sleep study analysis, CPAP initiation, therapy adherence and troubleshooting/service clinics, spirometry, lung volumes and transfer factor, reversibility, CPET, hyperventilation testing, EIA testing, skin prick testing, 6 min walk tests. She has also held roles as Respiratory Physiologist and Respiratory Technician, working closely with patients with respiratory disorders -- including ex-miners. Ms. Clarkson has a BSc (Honors) in Applied biology from University of Staffordshire. She also studied Developments in Sleep Medicine (advanced course) at St. Thomas’ Hospital, and took the Edinburgh Sleep Medicine course. She completed the BSS: Advanced sleep course and the ARTP NIV Course.

In-Home Sleep Test

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