How does the service typically work?

What data does the test record?
The WatchPat device monitors your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, body position, body movements, snoring intensity, and crucially your Peripheral Arterial Tone - a key physiological signal that can indicate respiratory disturbances during sleep. Combined, this makes the WatchPat the most accurate in-home testing equipment currently available.
Can I use it for more than one night?
No, because the finger probe is for single use only. Some tests give the option of a second night, but this is typically because they require more data for an accurate assessment, or because the sensors are likely to become lose or get detached at some point. The WatchPat is both accurate and very secure (but comfortable), negating the need for a second night. The equipment needs to be returned within 7 days of receiving the equipment
Will the NHS accept my results?
Every NHS hospital will have its own policy on external testing. Most will still want to conduct their own test to verify the result – even if they use the same equipment. However, having a test confirming Sleep Apnoea will usually ensure a quicker referral should you subsequently want to go through the NHS. If you would prefer, you will have the option of purchasing therapy equipment privately to begin treatment within 48 hours of a positive result.
When will I get my results back?
We return all results within seven days of receiving the equipment back from you. While you can have the equipment for up to seven days, we recommend conducting the test and returning the equipment as early as possible. The sooner we get the equipment back, the sooner you will get your result.
The chest sensor or finger probe fell off during the night what shall I do?
Please complete the test as normal, including the Patient Consent and Medical Questionnaire. The test almost always records enough data for an accurate result, even if the finger probe or chest sensor falls off partway through. The test requires 4 hours of data to get sufficient reading, and this does not have to be 4 hours of consecutive sleep. We will let you know if the data was insufficient and arrange a re-test if that is required. If the chest sensor or probe is removed by yourself or has fallen off a retest will be required if the device has not recorded enough data. We can offer this at a reduced cost. It is essential that both the chest sensor and finger probe remain securely fitted for the duration of the test, so we advise wearing the probe on a finger which has the most secure fit. In the unlikely event there is an error fault with the equipment, we will of course be happy to re issue a retest free of charge. You can also make a note of the probe or sensor disconnecting on the final question of the questionnaire. You can call us on 0800 024 8050 or email [email protected] if you are concerned about your test.
Can my child use the test?
The test is for adults (aged 18 and over) only.
I am going on holiday; how long can I keep the test?
The test only needs to be taken over one night, so you should not need to hold onto the equipment for any longer than a few day. We ask that you order the test only when you know you can take it promptly after delivery. If you do need it longer than 7 days, then please advise us as early as possible, otherwise additional fees may apply
Will it test for other sleep orders or just sleep apnoea?
The In-Home Sleep Test is solely to test for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea only. It will not provide a result for any other sleep condition. Please check the Symptoms page to find out if Sleep Apnoea is the likely cause of your sleep problems.The In-Home Sleep Test is solely to test for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea only. It will not provide a result for any other sleep condition. Please check the Symptoms page to find out if Sleep Apnoea is the likely cause of your sleep problems.
Will I get a discount off of therapy equipment?
Our sleep test is a standalone service, and while you may choose to purchase equipment from us if you have a positive result, we do not pre-empt this with a discount or reimbursement. We do however ensure that our prices for both the sleep test and any therapy equipment you may choose to purchase are the lowest-priced in the UK – and delivered with a first-class service that sees us score a 5-star rating on both TrustPilot and Reviews.co.uk
Can I use the device with a pacemaker?
Yes, but please advise us on the Detailed Sleep test Questionnaire that you have a pacemaker.
Do I need to be in to sign for the delivery of the sleep test equipment? If I am not, then what happens?
The sleep test is sent using Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service, which is a next working day delivery service and requires a signature. If you are not going to be home, then Royal Mail will leave you a missed delivery card, so you can go to your local post office to collect it. The card will often have the option to reschedule the delivery online if that is easier for you.
Could I use a mandibular device or other item (such as a CPAP machine) when doing the test?
If you are looking to verify that your existing Sleep Apnoea therapy is working effectively, then you can use it while conducting the test. However you must make this clear on the questionnaire provided. If you want to assess your "natural" Sleep Apnoea levels, then you should stop using anything you are currently using to reduce or prevent your snoring or Sleep Apnoea for at least five nights before taking the test. Else your test may under-report the severity.
If I have a cold, should I do the test or wait a few days?
If you have a cold or other short-term illness, then please allow that to pass before conducting the test, and inform us of the situation.
Is the device hypoallergenic?
Yes; all of the materials of the device, wrist strap and chest sensor are hypoallergenic. They are also free of latex and neoprene.
Will my private medical insurance cover a sleep test?
Some insurers may reimburse you, but it depends on the provider. Our advice is to contact your specific insurance provider. Sleeptest.com is not affiliated with any private medical insurance provider.
What you your returns policy?
Our returns policy can be found here.
Can anyone take an In-Home Sleep Test?
Our Sleep Test services is only available to people aged 18 or over. We also recommend not taking this test if you have any heart problems, or if your BMI is 45 or above. Both of these are advisory, because there is a strong chance Intus will be unable to help with any required treatment. This is due to the high chance of comorbidities (other health conditions alongside "just" Sleep Apnoea) which would require treatment to be overseen by a specialist. In such a situation you would ultimately recommended back to your GP. We therefore recommend that if either of these apply to you to instead discuss this with your GP from the outset rather than conducting a test through Intus.
Do you have a free or an online versions of a sleep test?
We do... Our Online Sleep Apnoea Test - Self Assessment Questionaire is designed to assess the risk of you having obstructive sleep apnoea. It's totally free, and you'll get an answer online when completed. The self-assessment form is not the final step, but it can help you to the next stage of an In-home Sleep Test. This will confirm if you have OSA and need CPAP or other therapy.